//5 Ways to Protect Your Skin From Aging

5 Ways to Protect Your Skin From Aging

You really don’t want to get old, do you? But whether we like it or not, we are all going to be old someday. However, taking good care of your skin will make it look youthful and your admirers will have a difficult time guessing your real age. If you adhere to these five tips, you will not only have a radiant skin, but a glowing one.

1. Protect yourself from the sun as much as possible

Even though the sun is a source of energy and vitamin D, you should endeavor to protect yourself from direct exposure to midday and afternoon sun. Short period exposure to early morning sunlight is soothing to the skin and allows it to absorb the necessary vitamin D, but when the sun is directly overhead, you should protect yourself by wearing a hat and putting on a pair of sunglasses.

2. Figure out the best foods for your skin type

You need to know your skin type in order to figure out the best food for it. If you have an oily skin, you probably will have to struggle with enlarged pores, excessive oil, pimples, etc. As a result of this, you should avoid excessive intake of oily foods. If you have a dry skin, your struggle will probably be with rashes, sun spots and the likes, hence, you should give priority to warm, greasy foods so that the dryness can be countered.

3. Soothe your stress away

There are three types of stress – mental, emotional and physical. Mental stress can lead to moisture imbalance of the skin. To fight mental stress, you should ensure that you take balanced diets at all times. Diet is also very important for fighting emotional stress, which also affects the skin. Intake of taking food supplements will be of great help if you really want to tackle emotional stress. Physical stress is caused when you work or exercise too much and you can avoid this by knowing the amount of work or exercise you have stamina for. You can also try daily meditation as it is a tested reliever of all types of stress.

4. Rehydrate from inside

Drinking enough water daily will rehydrate your skin and prevent its inner layers from drying out. You can add spices to the water and this will ensure that the water is easily absorbed by the body. Some of the spices you can use are ginger, basil leaves, cumin seeds, coriander seeds and so on.

5. Massaging daily

Massaging your body daily will make your skin look young and healthy. The restorative herbs and oil used for massage keep the skin supple and youthful. In order to get the best result, you should massage your whole body before your bath or shower.