//Age-Reversing Miracle

Age-Reversing Miracle

Serums are one of the most effective skin care products in the market today. Concentrated with active ingredients that help your skin to reverse the signs of aging to an extent, these serums are a miracle in their own right. However, these serums are vastly different from anti-aging creams, with the main difference being that the former is water-based whereas the latter is typically oil-based. This difference determines whether the product shall actually moisturize your skin or leave it looking like a mess.

Serums generally have a stronger concentration of active ingredients than creams and are used to target specific areas of the skin. For example, with eye serums, they help target specific issues of the eye such as puffiness, dark circles etc., whereas creams are used for an overall usage of moisturizing the skin. Since creams are already oil-based, someone with an oily skin would not benefit from it as much as a person with dry skin. On the other hand, a serum would work miracles on an oily-skinned person as opposed to someone with dry skin, making it dry with its water-based content. Hence, an oily-skinned person using a cream instead of a serum would have breakouts rather than a flawless skin. Similarly, a dry-skinned person would be left with under-nourished skin and dryness by using a serum.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Booster’, serums are meant to penetrate the skin faster as opposed to a cream, and help it retain its agelessness. Although it’s better to ask your skin specialist as to when to start using a serum, one can typically start using it in their late 20s to early 30s. Serums rich in vitamin C and vitamin E should be used on a daily basis for a quick effect. Creams are supposed to moisturize the entire face, hence they come in large containers whereas serums are sold in tiny bottles as a little application of these miracle creams work wonders for your skin.

Skin serums are a great option if you want to punch in some extra nourishment for your skin or to rectify a specific skin problem such as hyper-pigmentation, fine lines or dryness of skin. Serums should ideally be used twice in a day, morning and before going to bed at night. It should be the first product to be used in the morning, before one applies sunscreen and also the product to be used before one applies moisturizer before going to bed. Serums have a ton of uses, including certain long-term anti-aging benefits. The immediate effects may be seen in the form of skin brightening and soothing, in addition to having a glowing skin tone. In the long run, anti-aging serum work great for getting a healthier and firmer skin, even skin tone and lead to fewer wrinkles. Serums help remove dark spots, brown patches as well as provide nourishment to the skin which enables it to repair faster. In lieu of its miraculous properties, it is highly advisable that you start using a serum as soon as you feel you should, rather than waiting for the right time or signs of aging to show.