//Makeup Containing Mica Pigment Powder is Skin-friendly

Makeup Containing Mica Pigment Powder is Skin-friendly

The natural makeup products have been used since the historical times in countries like Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, and India. In the 21st century, it started getting the attention of people a few years back when the majority of people started getting more conscious of their beauty and health. The unique selling point (USP) of these products is that it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, color, talc, preservatives, and perfume. The mineral makeup products are prepared from inorganic and natural mica pigment powder that is safe and natural for every skin type. The other natural minerals used are titanium oxide, iron oxide, ultramarine pigments, and some amount of zinc. The makeup products are available in a wide choice of the foundation, blusher, and lipstick to a complete skin care range. The expert dermatologists assure that the finest makeups for skin, in the long run, are the mineral makeup. Benefits of using mica powder in eye makeup products: Unlike any other forms of makeup, eye makeup products produced from mica pigment powder are easy to adding into the smooth powder or blending to an emollient base. The makeup creation process undergoes few procedures than many creams and gels. Mica pigments can be mixed together letting you to generate almost any color that you desire to have. Depending upon the size of the mica particles, many different effects can be created. If you wish to have a satin sheet look for your eyes, then choose tiny mica powders of about the size of 20 microns. Or if you want to have a makeup with sparkle and luster look, then select micas of size up to 150 microns. If you want to generate standard metallic shades of copper, bronze, silver, and gold, then you can blend the mica pigment powder that is treated with the iron oxide and titanium oxide pigments. If you want bright and colorful shades for your eye makeup, use mica pigments that are treated with carmine, D&C, chromium oxide, and aluminum oxide. Makeup produced from a natural method is amazingly popular among the consumers that are even ready to pay extremely high costs, unaware of the fact that this is one of the cheapest and safe methods of manufacturing makeup products. Why natural makeup products are skin-friendly: Eye cosmetics produced with mineral formula are easy to apply, smudge-proof, and long lasting. Contains no or just a few preservatives. These products are low-allergenic and are suitable for every skin type, even for those with allergic, acne, or dermatitis prone skin. Contains natural sun protection properties