//The Changing Trend of Makeup Industry in India!

The Changing Trend of Makeup Industry in India!

As John Keat rightly said, “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” Who does not want to have beauty as it gives joys? From young to middle-aged ones, everyone loves makeup to some extent. It holds significance as much as accessories and clothes do today. A glowing face with a beautiful smile is always a key to open the door of one’s heart! However, a couple of years back makeup was considered just a trend meant for only elite class. Off late, last few years, there has been a huge change in the makeup market. The trend came out from the confined section of the high-profile class of people and made a direct entry into commoners too. Makeup always embellishes your face, giving you the creative freedom. A well-embellished face would always give you the self-love; this is important to feel good about oneself. It also helps a person to have self-confidence. In this competitive world, costume, makeup and hair always have a story to narrate about who you are; it gives the impression to people regarding your character and truly establishes you. The increased significance that makeup carries today led to the widespread formation of agencies and institutions. People still rush out metro-Politan cities to equip the required set of skills. You may find the best makeup institute in Mumbai which has given wings to many makeup artists. The growing interests of people into various makeup courses and formation of numerous kinds of large, medium and small institutions rightly indicate steady growth of the industry. As per the statistical source, Indian cosmetic and retail beauty industry currently holds the business of $950 million; it has also been estimated that the industry is likely to cross $2.68 billion by 2020, as per industry experts. In the next couple of years, the growth of cosmetics market has been estimated to stay around 15-20 percent annually. The growth forecast is twice as that of Europe and US markets! Steady industrial growth has thrown a plethora of scopes and opportunities! In India, Mumbai is one of the most vibrant cities and a paradise for aspiring makeup artists. The city has adopted some artists who made a mark in the makeup market. Every year the city witnesses number of marriages, functions, events and other soulful shows where people are participating need artists to embellish themselves. Even the leading makeup institute in Mumbai enjoys looking increase in some students seeking admission for numerous composition courses. Today if one looks for the prospective career, one can see makeup is in the same place holding significant prospect as much as other courses hold. Right after the course, a beginner can start his career while working as a makeup artist in any of the studios, companies or firms. Later, after spending enough time and gaining of adequate experience and skills, he can set up his own business. However, studying professional makeup courses in Mumbai is the right decision while trying to shape up your makeup artist career. If you have a dream to establish in one of the growing industry, choosing and studying makeup courses from reputed institution is the wisest thing you can do!