//History And Culture of Using Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper For Gifts

History And Culture of Using Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper For Gifts

Well, the holiday season is here, which means it is the time to purchase gifts for our family and friends and wrap them with Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper. All these gifts are wrapped in beautiful and decorated paper. It is a millennium-old practice to cut and fold the gifts with paper, transcending all cultural and religious boundaries. Wrapping gifts has become synonymous with framing the object as a special gift between two people. An ordinary object, when wrapped, transforms it into something extraordinary. The wrapping industry is a vast sector, and they have an extensive turnover. Wrapping papers are made up to be light and inky, and it usually doesn’t include plastic foils, which makes it efficient to recycle. Some of the gift wrappings have plastic in them, but they cannot be recycled and trashed. Due to this reason, the gift-givers are turning towards Recyclable Cards and recyclable gift-wrapping papers. Even though there is a strong argument against decorative gift-wrapping papers, it isn’t easy to imagine giving a gift without wrapping it. The tradition of wrapping gifts is not of the modern world, but it has a rich history behind it that transcends various traditions and cultures. There are many ancient cultures in which the holidays are celebrated by exchanging gifts. The basic desire was to hide the identity of gifts until the last moment led people to use Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper to wrap gifts. The experts also believe that the wrapping of gifts started just after the paper was invented a thousand years ago. In China, approximately 2000 years ago, papers were used to wrap precious material and store them. Later imperial courts used paper envelopes to present many gifts to their officials. About 1000 years ago, gift wrapping became a central tenet in Japanese culture. In short, people used to share wrapped gifts before the dawn of the industrial age. You might think picking a gift for the holiday season might be difficult till you start to get all gift-wrapping paper and ribbon and Luxury Gift Wrap, and you remember you don’t know how to wrap the gift properly. To avoid wrapping, some of them resort to gift baskets or gift bags. There are ways to wrap a gift professionally; steps are explained below. Place your gift box on the top of the wrapping paper, leaving paper attached to the roll. With the help of scissors, cut the paper along one side. The paper should be cut wide enough to cover the box from both sides. Pull the paper tautly over the gift box and adhere to the double side tape. Crease the paper along the box edge with your hands. Join both the ends of the paper and close the paper’s open ends by pushing the paper inwards by creating a 45-degree angle flap. Then crease the paper with your thumbs. When you have completed the wrapping, remove the excess paper by folding them under the bottom flap, and apply tape to the bottom flap. Complete the procedure on the other side too. During the holiday season, the households throw away more than twenty-five percent trash than any other time of the year. The big part of the daunting number includes the material used for wrapping gifts. The shiny ornamental gifting paper, ribbons, etc., can’t be recycled and ends up in landfills. The biggest issue is buying an excessive amount of these non-recyclable wrapping materials and then throwing them once the gifts are unwrapped. Due to rising landfills of non-recyclable gift wrappers, new Eco Gift Wrapping materials are used as an alternate solution for wrapping papers.