//Variety Of Orchids Colors Meanings & Ideal Occasion For Gifting Orchids!

Variety Of Orchids Colors Meanings & Ideal Occasion For Gifting Orchids!

As we look back in the history, orchids were first found 300 B.C. But, officially they were named orchids by a greek botanist and physicist in the first century. Orchid is one of the prettiest flowers in the world. They are used for several different purposes, and there’s a meaning associated with each different color of orchid. The colors of orchid that are available or mostly found at every corner in the world are purple, pink, white, orange, and yellow. Let’s explore what each color signifies one by one, starting with purple orchid. Purple Orchid signifies admiration also, the same color of orchid known for royalty. Orchids can be gifted as a part of respect as well. So, one can gift purple orchids to a father, mother, or teacher on respective occasions such as father’s day, mother’s day, and teacher’s day. As purple orchids signify admiration, you can gift them to the one who you admire the most. And without saying a word, these orchids will convey your message to that person you admire. Purple orchids are good for first date with your beloved. Even you can order orchids online if you want a bouquet at home or to your beloved’s doorstep. Pink Orchid carries a symbolism of femininity, pink orchids are ideal gifts for mother’s day and women’s day to celebrate feminism. There are several other meanings associated with pink orchids, such as grace and joy. So, you can also gift pink orchids on your wife, mother, or girlfriend’s birthday/anniversary. Pink orchids are not just good looking but the meaning associated with it makes them more special. White Orchid signifies the purity and innocence as the white color itself stands for purity. There are other meanings such as reverence and elegance that white orchids signify. So, you can gift white orchids to those for who you have a deep respect. Also, as they are elegant in nature, makes them an ideal gift for women’s day, daughter’s day, father’s day, mother’s day and parent’s day. Orange Orchid represents boldness and pride. So, orange orchid can be gifted to those with whom are intimately related. They signifies the passion for bold romance and that’s why make them an apt choice for the same. Also, orange orchids represents enthusiasm so, if there’s somebody who is very enthusiastic about the work he do or more passionate about love, orange orchids would be the perfect present. Orange orchids can also be a best choice as a valentine gift. You can choose orange orchids as a valentine gift for girlfriend . Yellow Orchids are good for new beginnings. So, if you’re starting a new relation with somebody, the best thing you can gift to him/her is a bunch of yellow orchids. Yellow orchids also represents a strong bond of friendship, so that makes them a stand alone gift for friendship day. For these occasions you can make a choice of an ideal color from a variety of ochids. However, people do send orchids at many occasions so, there’s no constraint when it come to choosing ochids for gifting. You must be aware of online services that provides online flower delivery to send your gift and express your emotions to your friends and family. Also, there are many special occasions on which we express ourselves to our near and dear ones. So, whenever it comes to select an ideal orchids for these special occasions, I hope this information may come in handy. I would like to hear your suggestions on this and if you have some additional thoughts or any improvement, you can tell me in the comment box below. Have A Wonderful Year Ahead And Good Wishes For Happy New Year!