//Everything You Need To Know About Body Jewelry

Everything You Need To Know About Body Jewelry

‘Body jewelry’ is one of those terms that tends to get defined differently by different people. With such a diverse way of looking at what body jewelry can entail, you really can’t blame someone for being unsure of how to approach the topic. What’s more, if someone has decided to take the plunge & get pierced, they may really be struggling to know, well, what they should know. The amount of questions they may have is quite staggering: Is body jewelry all about sensuality & sexual prowess? Is body jewelry only considered body jewelry if it’s a piercing on the torso? Do more intimate piercings have more stringent requirements in terms of preparation, execution, and maintenance? Rather than getting too bogged down with the vernacular of it all, it might be best to start simple when starting conversations about body jewelry. For example, will you experience pain? Read enough piercing forums & talk to enough people, and you’ll surely hear tales about extraordinarily painful experiences. It can be quite frightening to hear, but it’s important to get some context. Does the person telling the story have a low threshold for pain? What part of their body was being pierced? Everyone is a little different when it comes to pain, so just remember that your mileage may vary. At this point, some may be taken back by the number of questions that are being asked. In truth, however, there actually aren’t ENOUGH questions asked by those getting pierced. Some of the trepidation in asking anything may stem from the intimidating nature of piercings as a whole. You don’t want to come off as a noob to someone who has cultivated a wide array of piercings on their person. Nonetheless, ask questions! After all, someone is putting a foreign object through your skin, so the least they could do is put your mind at ease if you’ve got queries. It’s important you do your research as well. If there are certain piercings that appeal to you, get to know about them. Find out the proper name of the piercing style & the kind of jewelry that is commonly used. It wouldn’t hurt to talk to your doctor to find out about any allergies you may have to certain metals & materials. Body jewelry is made up of a number of different things, but knowing which to avoid can save you a major headache. Your prospective piercer should be able to discuss materials types & provide some guidance as to how best to approach your chosen piercing style. As exciting and nerve-wracking as a new piercing can be, piercers ask folks to be patient about the healing time associated with their new jewelry. Some piercings can heal in just a few weeks whereas some can take 6 months to a full year (!) to completely heal. Patience is critical because as tempting as it may be to put in a cute or cooler piece of jewelry, you might be compromising the integrity of your piercing. Not only could you be causing damage, but you could be aiding in the development of scar tissue & the increased chance of infection. If there is one thing to know about body jewelry, it’s that you want to get any piercing from a trained professional. Amazing piercing studios with stellar piercings on staff are more common than ever before, so finding the right place for you is easier. Before getting pierced, go into a studio & talk a little shop with the piercers. Give them an idea about what you’re looking for & see what kind of feedback you get. Don’t forget to check out reviews, and ask piercers/studios about less-than-stellar reviews. Their response may tell you a lot more than you think.