//Five Questions To Ask Before You Get A Daith Piercing

Five Questions To Ask Before You Get A Daith Piercing

If you’ve never heard of faith piercing, you’re likely not alone. In fact, compared to a number of other body piercings, it’s a relatively new kid on the block. In order to establish a baseline definition for discussion, here’s the 4-1-1 on faith piercing. This type of piercing passes through the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, resting right in the center of the visible ear structure. While edgy & cool, it’s definitely not for the faint of heart. Historically, the daith piercing has its roots in the 1990s, a bit of a renaissance period for all things body art & modification. There was a concerted push to take things “to the extreme”, with tattooing & piercing seeing greater levels of experimentation. While many simply celebrated the coolness of new body art & jewelry, others found the holistic philosophies behind these practices intriguing. Popular media started embracing the idea of piercings beyond the earlobe. A number of piercing veterans point to specific scenes in the film PULP FICTION (1994) dedicated to the discourse of what piercing was & what it should be. The rise of the internet also allowed sharing of images & discourse between piercers and piercees in a way that hadn’t existed before. But the biggest question about daith piercing is ultimately the simplest one a consumer can ask themselves about any product or service – is this right for me? There’s no simple answer, though, as every person is different & responds differently to piercings. Pain can be an issue as you are having a sensitive part of your ear pierced. The ability to display the piercing becomes an issue as some environments aren’t as keen on non-traditional piercings being visible. There are other things to inquire about. For example: How long does a daith piercing take to heal? Get comfortable as healing time for one of these piercings can range from three to nine months. Then again, the location of the piercing is in the interior of the ear, making it tougher to access as easily as other piercings. The range of healing time is a somewhat contested bit of info (be ready for it during your research) because it’s such a WIDE range of time. Still, every person is different, and much the same way that pain will vary between individuals, so, too, does healing time. How much does a daith piercing cost? Every studio sets a different price, but overall, it’s a fairly low-cost entry into the world of body piercing. Keep in mind that cost can also vary based on the location of the studio, the reputation of the piercer & studio, and even the demand for that kind of ‘specialty’ piercing. Then again, you don’t want to go uber-cheap on a sensitive piercing because you’ll get what you paid for. I’ve heard daith piercings help with severe headache Is this true? Part of the rise in this kind of piercing came with testimonials of individuals who feel as though their migraine headache pain was relieved almost immediately. In fact, the early origins of the piercing came with Eastern philosophical breakdowns of pressure points & alleviation of pain due to the piercing’s location. The truth is that there is no medical/scientific backing to support this claim. For those who truly believe they’ve experienced relief or those desperate for relief, that can be quite a bucket of ice water to their perception of daith piercing. However, it must be said that even a placebo-type effect can have its benefits. My friend got a daith piercing, so I’m getting one, too. Cool, right? Actually, you might want to pump the breaks on that notion until you speak with a professional piercer. Because of the tight quarter this piercing is located in, it might be tough to actually get it done. While you may not have readily noticed, the construction of ears varies slight from person to person. This means that your own anatomy may actually keep you from being able to get pierced. The final question is simple – where do I get a daith piercing done? You research & choose the best piercing studio & piercer that you can find. Plain & simple, you want a job well-done from someone who knows what they’re doing & can tell you how to care for it.